Highest Payouts: CPMs of $5 - $15!

TapContext's unique contextual ad targeting maximizes both the advertiser's results and your user's experience - allowing us to provide by far the highest payouts of any Android ad network. We have CPMs up to between $5 - $15, based on CPCs up to $0.30. We are developers and marketers who understand the importance of quantifiable metrics ("How much do I make on average per download of my app from the Google Play store?"). We pay our developers a share of advertiser revenue on a CPC basis (cost-per-click), which over time can average out to a developer earning up to between 3¢ and 10¢ or more for unique user downloads of their app, depending on Country of origin, traffic quality, and ad locations in app. That's a truly amazing result, given that most networks typically produce a fraction of a cent per download with sub $1 CPMs.

We also offer Weekly Payouts to developers who earn more than $500!

It Gets Better

What's even more amazing is that TapContext accomplishes this with contextually targeted, non-annoying ads. We typically only set up a limited number of relevant advertisers per user, and combined with contextually targeted ads we have the perfect way to monetize without annoying your users. It is a completely different experience than any other ad network, where users are bombarded by numerous irrelevant banner and interstitial ads which often have a very 'spammy' feel. TapContext is truly a revolution!

User Friendly Ads: Context Based, Non-Annoying

The biggest problem developers face with implementing ad networks is low revenue because the ads are non-targeted. Another problem developers face is annoying their users. We have solved both of these problems! TapContext is groundbreaking because we use contextual based ads to specifically target users and target them at the right time, which limits annoyance to users. TapContext was created for developers and designed for Users.

Standard In-App Interstitial

Our primary ad type is a traditional in app interstitial. It is a standard ad type used by Admob, Millenial Media, and other traditional ad networks.

Enhanced User Experience

Because of the contextual nature and how we target ads, we generally pair up a limited number of relevant advertisers per user with ads that are context based. This creates the best possible user experience, and also maximizes Developer earnings and advertiser return - the best of all worlds. It is a next generation experience compared to most android ad networks today which focus on running a high volume of ads to as many users as possible - which results in a poor user experience as users are bombarded with high volume, low quality ads for contests, online classes, multitudes of irrelevant game downloads, etc. This is bad for the advertiser as well because the ads are not targeted and thus most impressions don't get clicked, the impressions that are clicked are often not real leads, and the annoyance factor can alienate the user from the advertiser and app developer.

Extra & Recurring Revenue

Unlike other ad networks, TapContext shares contracted future revenue from its advertisers with Developers. This allows TapContext to payout a much higher CPC to developers, with some of it coming in future months as it is paid to TapContext, guaranteeing a future revenue stream to developers. So not only do you have great earnings today, but you also have a known, guaranteed future recurring revenue stream. This is a feature unique to TapContext, and allows Developers to earn much more than they do on other networks.

Also, TapContext is not an exclusive network - you can leave any and all existing networks you already have in your app in place, if you want, and simply add TapContext - as a source of extra revenue. Because our ads are contextual and non-annoying, with a user typically being paired with a limited number of relevant advertisers, the TapContext network and SDK do not compete with any other ad sources and thus you can earn money from TapContext without affecting your earnings from other networks. Unlike other networks, there are absolutely no penalties for stacking us with any number of other networks - we believe Developers should be in full control of their Apps!

Highest Referral Commissions

TapContext pays out the highest referral commissions of any Android ad network: For any Developer that you refer to us we will pay you an amount equal to 15% of whatever they earn, forever. You don't even have to be a developer! If you refer a friend who is a developer, and they earn $1,000/month - you will earn an extra $150/month!

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